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Greece - Pelion - Kalikalos Holistic Retreat         Centre - Anilio Campus  
August 10th to 17th 2018 
€495 includes all accommodation and meals

I am delighted to be offering a 5 day retreat this summer in Greece. The Pelion peninsular is absolutely gorgeous, green and lush with clear sea and white sandy beaches. The local harbour was used to film Mama Mia and there are some great little cafes and tavernas. Anilio centre is situated up in the leafy hills so that the August heat is diffused and there is a real sense of peace in this quiet rural location. The centre is run by a dedicated volunteers and The resident cook creates delicious food using local and home grown produce.

The rooms are shared and there is camping available. Transport to and from the beach and village are provided by the centre.

We will commence each day with breakfast outside together, then yoga at about 10 am until lunch time. After lunch there is plenty of time for siesta or a trip out to the beach and local sites ending the day together with a meal cooked by the resident chef from ingredients grown on the site.

I am planning to work with elements in our yoga practice, bringing in the strength of earth, fluidity of water,  power of fire,  creativity of air and and spaciousness of ether relating to the chakras. The map of the chakras helps shed light on the physical, psychological and spiritual aspect of ourselves. As we abide in the postures and feel what is present in the movement in between we have time to really drop into what is going on in our lives and our bodies. Being in community also provides us with the space to transform yoga off the mat and into life skills.

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