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Inner Dance

The story of Inner Dance

Starting with deep relaxation Inner Dance is a guided internal journey set to music. The varying music encourages right hemesphere activity; an intuitive, insightful and creative way of being.  The practice is carried out with the eyes shut so everyone can move freely as they feel to.

In this place, the body finds itself unwinding, releasing tensions that might have been stored for a long time. This might look like twitching, yoga, dancing, rolling, shaking, trembling, making noises, crawling, or sometime just lying down/sleeping resting and travelling within.

Being a mindful practise, Inner Dance brings us to the present moment, where we can become aware of the root or our issues; without thinking about it, the body will release the stories that are locked within.

The facilitator supports the process for each person using sound and touch.

The end result is deep relaxation, answers, insights and peace.

After a seven year journey across the world, Pi Villaraza chanced upon a powerful life-altering healing vibration while living alone on a deserted beach island in Palawan in the Phillipine islands for two years. He called it Inner Dance and has since taught many hundreds of people how to heal themselves and others. Pi Villaraza describes Inner Dance ....

"In total silences. its that river that flows from the cosmos and into your heart. It was dancing from my higher self, and I was simply watching it move to the flow of the universe."......

"Something is missing in this world.... something very essential is lost apon us. We have been looking for it in material things, educational attainment and power driven relationships; and whenever we think we are on the brink of catching up with it, we find that we are just attempting to grasp incense smoke that effortlessly slips through out fingers......At the height of my vision quest, that first and innermost dance was the one moment when I did not hav a double that absolute completeness was real, and that it can be attained."

Pi works around the world with all manner delivering Inner Dance and experiencing healing for those who are willing to be present.

Katie bought Inner Dance to the UK in 2015. Katie is a internationally acclaimed belly dancer and energy worker/yoga teacher. She has brought a very heart centred approach to the practise overflowing with self empowerment encouraging participants to drop into their inner wisdom and healing capabilities. She spent time with Pi           in Malaysia and found the practise to be profound and much has been reported of its transformative effect ( Katie trained Miranda to facilitate in February 2016. 

After being diagnosed with cancer over 20 years ago, Miranda has worked and experienced many different healing modalities. She believes that every memory and emotion we experience is stored in the body. This displays in how we move the body, how we stand, literally how we move through life. We tend to repeat habits and ways of being in given situations. We cycle through life coming across the same emotions and reactions again and again. These negative paths causing imbalances that are the root of our ill health. Yoga invites us to move into different places with the postures from the outside, and Inner Dance invites us to move instinctually and intuitively from the inside. When the body moves in a different way or releases tension or trauma, then the mind is free and open to new possibilities and healing. There is no need to talk out our issues, move with them instead.

"I have found Inner Dance opens the doors of perception and deepens our understanding of the human condition. With Understanding comes compassion, with compassion comes love"

Next Sessions are 16th Feb and 30th March 2108 at The Friends Meeting House, Orchard Rd, Malvern WR14 3DA

7.30 to 9.30

£10 to £15 on the door ( depending on how abundant you are!)

Bring yoga mat or something to lie down on, cushions, blankets and open mind and willingness.

Katie Holland

Miranda White

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