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A yoga retreat with Miranda at Poulstone Court

4th to 6th October 2019


This weekend we will dive deep into our yoga practise, feeling what it is to be present in our truth.


Satya means truthfulness and is the second Yama, a prerequisite and an integral part of hatha yoga  - how do we live a life that is true and compassionate - how do we stand for what we believe and how do we know what is true - living in truth enables us to be real and no longer pretend - Satya invites us to look within at all of ourselves and be honest - Satya is the key to finding peace within, peace in our lives and peace in our communities.

Satya is the path to freedom.

Paula Trafford will be assisting me this weekend with Kum Nye Tibetian Yoga

Poulstone is a beautiful place dedicated to yoga and meditation. The food is exceptional, the rooms are comfy with fantastic views, the communal area is friendly and the dedicated yoga studio is peaceful and light.

I have kept prices as low as possible so that we can be a full house again.

£309 for the weekend includes shared accommodation and all meals.

(additional fee of £5 for special diets)

£10 extra per night if you would like a single room. 

Early bird is £279 if you pay in full before May 1st 2019 

If you are paying after May 1st please could I have a non-refundable deposit of £100 before September 1st. 

Places are restricted so please book early

email Miranda  - to book

For more information on the venue go to

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