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Yoga Is much more that a bunch of exercises.


Yoga can be your closest ally when faced with the challenges of life.

I teach postures (asana) that empower, strengthen and teach us to be flexible in life as well as body.

Mindfulness, breathing techniques, relaxation, yoga nidra, Meditation entice and move us into finding new beliefs about ourselves, new ways of tackling life's challenges, and a way to find meaning.

As we understand how we hold ourselves and how we move through life, we can make healthy adjustments in the body, which affect the mind and also our spirit. We can then occupy our individual  place/asana in life with integrity and compassion.

Stress and fear held me back for many years - my introduction to yoga was like many of us a class where we did postures and relaxation. I was struggling with the effects of cancer treatment at the time and found a way to deal the treatments and also found a new me, the real me.... and I liked it.

With over the 25 years of teaching, I have learnt many techniques to share with you, from dealing with an injury, or wanting to find deeper meaning in your life to learning to be less stressed.  


Yoga  free us up. It challenges beliefs about ourselves and others and awakens a new curiosity and zest for life. 

We live in a strange but beautiful messed up world. It can feel overwhelming when there seems to be so much that needs fixing. What we can do is to turn inwards and study ourselves, we can learn to be present in the moment and to hold each other. We can learn compassion and we can find our truth and freedom of thought and mind. We can move instinctively through life following our intuition and discernment. We can be kind and not harm people, animals or plants as best we can. We can be real and full of love.

Yoga that gives  meaning and purpose

Miranda White



in Malvern, Martley, Alfrick, on zoom

and on to one sessions at Charlton Cowshed, Lulsley




Testimonial for a yogini called Sherry

ve been practicing yoga for many years and have had many different yoga instructors. But for the past 8 years I have found that the most important part of yoga is having the right teacher. Someone you can connect with and who will guide you through a journey of self discovery.

Miranda is passionate about yoga, safe practice, meditation and mindfulness. She is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced, which is evident in her approach to teaching, giving a wider understanding of the benefit and purpose of the breath and postures. 

Miranda has an intuitive way to focus on a part of the body and explore this in our yoga practice, whilst offering various levels in the postures. Her approach is individualised yet inclusive, with clear instructions that are easy to follow and understand. 

It has given me inner strength, a place of escape, and importantly a better understanding of who and what I am.

Thank you.

Testimonial for a yogini call Judy

Yoga with Miranda is different from any other yoga teacher I've been to over 25 years of doing yoga, because it is spirit and soul training aswell as Yoga. I used to be very up and down emotionally, but now I feel very calm and stable everyday


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