"Through working with the postures and the breath we can open up to self enquiry. As we understand how we hold ourselves and how we move through life we can make healthy adjustments in the body, which affect the mind. We can then occupy our individual "asana" our place with integrity and compassion".


Miranda White has been teaching yoga for 20 years, and was initially qualified as a teacher with the "British Wheel Of Yoga", a diploma which takes three years to complete. She has since studied with many different teachers of different  yoga traditions and more  recently with contemporary  teachers of conscious movement. Now qualified as a 5Rhythms Spaceholder  she holds 5Rhythms "Sweats" for dancers in Herefordshire.

"5 Rhythms has been a very liberating experience and my yoga practise has sustained the ability to dance and move with strength and fluidity. The yoga philosophy melds well with Gabrielle Roths 5Rhythms and so benefitting my yoga teaching and practice.  I feel that much yoga taught today is too prescriptive and often awareness is limited because yogis are wanting to look good and perform postures that will cause RSI , weaknesses and injury in later years.  Through conscious movement we can feel deeply and be fully embodied in whatever practise we choose. This way there is no chance of injury and a real chance of healing.  

Embodiement via the asanas incorporating  movement, breath, with compassion unravel issues in the body and mind without the words and there we find freedom. 

When we feel free we are empowered and with compassion we can make a stand for loving kindness and really make a difference in the world.

Opening our hearts to life's potential

Miranda White



YOGA in Malvern, Martley, Alfrick

and on to one sessions at Charlton Cowshed,


5RHYTHMS Sweats at Tarrington,

on Tuesdays once a month


 I called myself "whiteheatyoga" many years ago, not really understanding why, but knowing that what I give is heartfelt and real.

Over the years my investigations and understandings of the Heart as a sense organ, an energy centre, a chakra, a pump, a centre of our compassion and love,  and a tool for enabling a calmer and more coherent mind has given me so much to work with.  Now I know for sure that  to find presence and connection, we all need to find the  heart intelligence and then to follow our intuitive, heart felt wisdom. This to be the change and create the changes  that this world so desperately needs.  I grew up in a generation, where I wanted to rebel and make changes to a system that didn't seem to nourish people; I now know that it is the way we live, the little things that I can do each day, just to be kind that make the difference.

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