I believe that through working with yoga postures  and  the breath, we can open up to self enquiry. As we understand how we hold ourselves and how we move through life, we can make healthy adjustments in the body, which affect the mind and also our spirit. We can then occupy our individual  place/asana in life with integrity and compassion.


Over the last 10 years my yoga practise has benefited a more embodied approach via dance. This is because of my passion for 5Rhythms, where I have been able to charter new intuitive ways to move the body which are not choreographed or prescribed. I find that often yogis can become a slave to their yoga practise following often out-dated yoga schools' methods that do not resonate in our world at this time.


My intention is to bring presence to yoga. By moving mindfully and slowly through ancient Hatha yoga asana and contemporary postures, I find that I can be responsive to all the messages in my body that show up as sensations, tensions, stiffness, ease, and stagnation. The vinyasana then becomes more conscious and I find that I have time to notice emotions, triggers, and stressors.


I have time to feel into the edges of  injuries without harming but also without avoiding.

Embodiment, which means that we consciously inhabit the body as we move, unravels issues in the body and mind.    Often we can get trapped inside an internal dialogue about an injury, which usually involves some self judgement and some thoughts about how to fix the injury. I suggest that the injury may well be a gift and might indeed teach us more about ourselves than any self help book.  Often we can believe that some worry we have is not effecting the body, however is we stay present with the issue that is worrying us, we can soon pinpoint its physical  aspect and notice how it  is impacting us physically. I my experience, feeling and not resisting the discomfort of the physical symptoms will help to dissipate discomfort or a least become less important.

Yoga can really free us up. It can challenge our beliefs about ourselves and others and can awaken a new fascination and zest for life. No longer do we need to tick boxes to feel better about ourselves but rather we see the limitless array of events in our lives as pathways to our true essence. 

Opening our hearts to life's potential

Miranda White



YOGA in Malvern, Martley, Alfrick

and on to one sessions at Charlton Cowshed,


5RHYTHMS Sweats at Tarrington,

on Tuesdays once a month


 I called myself "whiteheatyoga" many years ago, not really understanding why, but knowing that what I give in my teaching is heartfelt form my own experience.

Over the years my investigations and understandings of the Heart as a sense organ, an energy centre, a chakra, a pump, a centre of compassion and love,   has given me so much to work with.  Now I know for sure that in order to find presence and connection,  we have to check into our heart's intelligence before our thoughts.  We have to relearn how to trust our deep wisdom and intuition.  We have to relearn how to be kind to ourselves and know that we are enough just as we are, and in that fall in love with life once again.


Thus to be the change and create the changes  that this world so desperately needs. 


I grew up in a generation, where I rebelled and wanted to make changes to a system that didn't seem to nourish people; I now know that it is the way we live, the little things that I can do each day,  just to be kind that make the difference. It is how we are often not what we do that has the biggest effect - Yoga gives me the tools to have a positive effect.

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