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                                           mindfullness - relaxation - visualization - meditation


What is Mindfullness?


Mindfullness is a "clear awarenenss on what is happening in the present moment"



*Gives Clarity and a chosen response to stress triggers

*Developes self awareness and compssion



What is Relaxation?


Conscious release of muscles to reduce the stress hormones to a level where the student can function.



*Ensures Restful sleep

*Diminishes stress levels that are interferring with performance

*Boosts immune system



What is Visualization?


Forming mental images that promote good self esteem, coherence, clarity and control.




*Promotes wellbeing, organization and confidence.



What is meditation?


Single pointed concentration on an object.


Benefits :


*promotes focus, clarity and stamina

*experiencing "stillness"




"Miranda has delivered mindfulness sessions to our students for over three years. She teaches techniques to students to help with managing their stress levels prior to exams and to help then minages life's challenges.  Students can have a full body check or simple movements targeting a particular area whilst sitting at their desks. Students have said that they have gone on to build mindfulness into their every day lives and use it routinely." R Shipley - Pastoral department.


"Using mindfullness techniques has helped a bad day become a good day.  The second you walk into a session you feel more relaxed. The sessions help you work out how you feel about something and they can help with any situaltion." - Sam (aged 12)


"after learning to relax proberly i sleep much better" - Charley (aged 14)










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