Wednesday morning Sweats will return on 19th May 2021


MORNING 5 RHYTHMS SWEATS  - at Lady Emily Hall, Tarrington,  HR1 4EX  

Wednesdays - 10.30 am to 12 -


Contact me if you would like to receive the newsletter to keep up dated on 07946748104 or email whiteheartyoga@icloud.com

Socially distanced, well ventilated spacious venue for a limited amount of people.... £12 for the session

Whether you are experienced or a beginner, the space is safe and free for you to dance your own dance.  5Rhythms is a moving meditation, and the original ecstatic dance . This means that you can move with whatever, or in whatever way, in each moment, as you feel.  The music is a guide through the 5 rhythms of flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness but no technical knowledge is needed. Finding your dance is a key that unlocks different parts of yourself and is a gateway to freedom.


I am a 5Rhythms Spaceholder, which means that I am on the teaching path. I don't directly teach but  share my experience to lead and hold the space.

The Hall at Tarrington is open and spacious and well ventilated. Doors will be open so bring layers. Social distancing at all times, and a healthy respect for everyone's story around Covid 19

5 RS.jpg

 I often upload videos of me dancing/moving to enourage everyone to dance anywhere - there is no choreography, there is no looking cool or getting it right -  its about feeling into your senses and moving whatever feels to move - its about breathing into sensations and letting the body move with awareness - and when we really connect to our innerdancer, then we move and flow, shimmy and shift into a better version of ourselves.

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