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5Rhythms at  Whitbourne Village Hall  (WR6 5RN) on Friday Mornings at 10.30 am to 12  -

2nd February 

1st March

5th April. 

3rd May

7th June

5th July

5Rhythms at Malvern Cube (WR14 2YF)

Friday eves 7.30 to 9.15

26th January, 23rd February,

22nd March

26th April

17th May

21st June

look out for updates in the newsletter - 

lemail - if you have any questions or or want to receive my newsletter

 phone number -  07946748104

facebook - 5Rhythms with Miranda White

Whether you are experienced or a beginner, the space I create is safe and free for you to dance your own dance.  5Rhythms is a moving meditation, and an ecstatic dance . This means that you can move with whatever, or in whatever way, in each moment, as you feel.  The music is a guide through the 5 rhythms of flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness but no technical knowledge is needed. 

"Doing the rhythms is about waking up to your most essential nature, stretching you intuition and imagination as surely as your body. It's a formless from, one that expands your range of physical and emotional expression and introduces you to forgotten parts of you psyche. It awakens intuitive intelligence and artistic sensibilities." - Gabrielle Roth from "Sweat your Prayers."


I am a 5Rhythms Spaceholder of 5 years and a teacher in training

The Hall at Whitbourne is open and spacious and well ventilated. It has a sprung floor and is set in rural  surroundings with lots of parking.   There is a lovely group of regular dancers and beginners and we weave our prayers and magic supported by the beautiful countryside around us. Often we have tea and sharing after the dancing to complete and nourish each other before we all hit the road.  Being part of this group is a total pleasure and an appreciated step outside the demands of life.  We head back into our lives feeling sustained and courageous.



All classes are £15, £17 or £20 - know that if you pay the £20 option you are supporting a concession....... (concessions by arrangement)

5 RS.jpg

 I often upload videos of me dancing/moving to enourage everyone to dance anywhere - there is no choreography, there is no looking cool or getting it right -  its about feeling into your senses and moving whatever feels to move - its about breathing into sensations and letting the body move with awareness - and when we really connect to our innerdancer, then we move and flow, shimmy and shift into a better version of ourselves.

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I also Offer silent disco sessions in nature. These can be delivered at events, or I hold nature dances out around the worcestershire/herefordshire boarders where I live.

The music basically follows the 5Rhythms Map but we also connect to nature and have a sharing after. 

I offer a women's only space at home in my field where we dance with my two horses as well as the trees. Sometimes we take the dance out to other venues like the one shown in this photo on Bringsty common in a circle of trees....

If you fancy trying this or booking me for your event contact me on 07946748104

Next silent disco is 11th August at  WR6 5QW... it's important that you book to secure a headset.

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