YOGA Classes are for everyone and all abilities, as long as you are able to lie down on a mat and stand from lying. There are always chairs available, however I would feel happier giving a private session if you have disabilities that prevent you from coming to a class


As a teacher, I am a guide for you to find your Intuitive yoga where your inner wisdom can feel the postures and movements, and understand and absorb without straining. The practise allows the breath and the strength to evolve with the flexibility. 

I teach Yoga Nidra, and other relaxation techniques, mindfulness and meditation.

My practise is routed in the hatha yoga tradition from the hatha yoga pradipika. The yoga Bandha are the basis for all effective yoga practice; I teach bandha awarness as a foundation for a rich and rewarding path of yoga.

Yoga is not an exercise class, and I encourage everyone to take their own path and express their postures individually - some yogis working with pain, some with stress or insomnia, some  with arthritis or chronic illnesses. Whatever it is that you are dealing with or wanting to heal, conscious yoga practised with awareness will enable you to feel better . 

The heart chakra is the centre point of our body. Much of my teaching comes from and is around this  energy centre, and I have found over the twenty-five years of teaching that here lies the greatest gift.