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Yoga is not an exercise, It is an embodied movement through classic Hatha and contemporary yoga postures that promote balance and good health.  I encourage everyone to take their own path and express their postures individually. We are not just muscles and bones, our bodies tell a story of our lives. Each part of our body has a story to tell of activities and relationships, of loss and love., of childhood accidents, of adult strains and trauma. -

In this western world we have been programmed to 'carry on" regardless, to follow a goal, to push on through, often at the expense of the body. We push ourselves to be the best, rather than getting to know ourselves then allowing the best of ourselves to shine. We tend to follow the outside image rather than seeing listening to whats happening on the inside. We tend to cut ourselves off from our bodies and literally be a thinking head on legs. We use technology, addictions, over exercising to numb out of our feeling bodies and become estranged from ourselves.

My intention is to facilitate building that relationship with the body back. without sensing our bodies we are strangers to ourselves and strangers to others. When we know ourselves we know others. then we are less likely to be judgemental and ultimately less violent. Ahimsa is the first yama and underpins all yoga. It means to be non-violent. Non-violence/Ahimsa starts with ourselves ( this includes violent thoughts/judgements). A grounded yoga practise will have as much effect on the mind as the body.


Yogis working with pain, some with stress or insomnia, some  with arthritis or chronic illnesses. Whatever it is that you are dealing with or wanting to heal, conscious yoga practised with awareness will enable you to feel better.  . 

The heart chakra is the centre point of our body. Much of my teaching comes from and works with this energy centre, and I have found over the twenty-five years of teaching that here lies the greatest gift.

Classes are currently at Malvern Sports Active, Malvern Spa.

Martley Village hall 7 pm to 8.30 on Thursdays

Malvern Cube Tuesday at 12 to 1.15

For more details and to book email me at 

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