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Always message or email me to book if you are coming to a class for the first time.

Weekly classes

Weekly classes at the Malvern Spa and Malvern College "Sports active"

Sports active classes are open to non members although are often full so good to book 01684 581681

Martley Village Hall

Monday eve "yoga for Men" 7.30 to 8.30 - starts back September 5th

Wednesday eves "yoga for all" 7.00 to 8.30. - Starts back October 5th

Tuesday lunch "Yoga for all"  12 to 1.15 at Malvern Cube weekly. - Starts back September 6th

I offer one to one sessions at Charlton Cowshed or I can do home visits

Please note that I am away from 17th September to 5th October and so there will not be classes then 


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