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Shiatsu is a combination of Traditional Chinese Massage and western Physiotherapy, developed in Japan in the early 20th Century.  It could be understood as a type of holistic, intuitive physiotherapy with manipulation, stretches and acupressure points. The body is looked at in its totality and from that standpoint Shiatsu works to support the weaknesses allowing the "excess", which are often the painful, tight aggravated areas to soften and release.

I received my diploma from the European School of Shiatsu and Movement in 2001 and have been a practitioner ever since. Shiatsu has proven itself over again to be such a wonderful treatment for a varity of symptoms.


People suffering bad backs find huge relief from a shiatsu treatment. The acupuncture points will relieve pain, the manipulation and palm pressure aligns and addresses the tension in the muscles that is pulling the spine out of balance.  Finger pressure on the meridians gets prana, ki, (energy) moving Shiatsu gets into the cause of the pain and then Yoga exercises can be used to maintain core strength and keep alignment.  My Shiatsu works deeply and sensitively with the meridians, muscles and connective tissue, combining Traditional Chinese medicine and western physio therapy and years of yoga therapy.


Shiatsu is great in pregnancy: I worked for many years in London via the NCT and found shiatsu encourages confident births.


Cancer is a complicated disease, from which iI have had personal experience: Shiatsu will help support the immune and endocrine system, whether people choose conventional treatment or alternative treatment. Shiatsu can be very gentle and supportive, both physically and emotionally.


Stress is a major cause of illness manifesting in symptoms such as sleeplessness, irritability, headaches, muscle tension, digestive problems, lack of concentration, feelings of being out of control, depression, addiction, to mention but a few! Shiatsu body work is hugely relaxing and  works directly with the endocrine system to lower adrenaline and cortisol levels.

Menopause is a time where stress levels and panic attacks may arise and I have a wealth of knowledge to help through this time in a woman's life


I have successfully worked with stroke rehabilitation using Yoga breathing and relaxation and shiatsu, often given in a chair. Home visits are often best in these cases.


The symptoms of arthritis and fibromyalgia are also relived in my experience.



I have a treatment room at "The Cowshed" in the  Worcestershire countryside.


 treatments are £60  - home visits if local £65 - concessions available always.





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