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Mndfullness and More - For secondary schools


Stress amongst teenagers is a growing concern. Schools are in a position where they can address stress early on via "Mindfulness and More" and impliment tools that will serve the students well both at school and for future life. Schools are also faced with ever tightening  budgets to serve an ever growing population of students; "Mindfullness and more.." is an inexpensive and effective way to alter the way students experience stress, resulting in the good exam results without negative effects on health and welbeing.


I have been teaching relaxation and mindfullness to teenagers for a few years now and have a good understanding of what techniques work best to reduce the symptoms of stress. Sometimes working with small groups, one to one or with year forms. It is important for teachers to take on the techniques so that the work is relate into all classes and the eths of the school.







To reduce the stress hormones to a level where the student can function and rise to the occasion instead of being overwhelmed.


To enable rest and sleep.


To boost the immune system.



Clear awareness of what is happening in the present moment.


To give clarity and a chosen response to stress triggers.


To delevope self awareness and compassion.





Forming mental images. to promote good self esteem, coherance, confidence, sense of belonging and love.


To help acheve goals.


To evoke calm, organisation and happiness.



Single pointed concentration.


To promote focus, clarity and stamina.


To experience stillness and peace.


To reduce distraction



Symproms of stress:-



Inapproprieate response to stress - the failure to adapt to the sense of pressure, internal and external as a result of faulty perception - results in destress.


Signs of stress may show as :


negative attitude




bursting into tears

inability to relax of sit still

sleep disurbances 

digestive issues

panic attacks


feeling overwhelmed, wanting to run away.


muscles tension

teeth grinding

back ache

nail biting, self harming

nausea, stomach aches

dizziness, hyperventerlation.

inability to concentrate or followi nstructions.



bullying and distruptive behaviour.


Course options: - 


*Bespoke courses to suit year groups. Small or one to one sessions can focus on options such as anger,  depression, bullying, anxiety.

*Mindfullness is very useful for exam stress and a course put in place well before exam demands begin will produce better results and healthier kids and can be taught in the class room.

*Teaching teachers who can then continue the work with their year group.

*"Cams" now recognizes mindfullness as a valuable tool in dealing with many mental health issues.

*Can be used to address particular behavioural issues.









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