I came to yoga when pregnant with my first daughter.  Previous to that I studied martial arts to support my shiatsu practise.

Where the martial arts had taught how to contain and build energy, yoga allowed me to feel deeply into my body and I learnt to be compassionate and to take my time and most important to breathe deeply and in a way that opened and nourished.

I was diagnosed with stage three cancer in my left breast in 1997 and  as I went through all the horrors of cancer treatment I realised that this was a wake up call. Time to address my life ,which had become massively out of balance.  Working within the art industry in London, I had become lost in a world of parties and clubs and pubs.  Living the life, I thought, whereas in fact I was exhausting every element of myself until I collapsed into a heap with cancer to pull the delusion away. 

I opened my eyes to a totally different way of being because quite obviously the current direction of my life was going to kill me.  I remember my introduction to yoga which seemed very mysterious with strange sanskrit words, chanting and for me the fresh idea that I was to some extent  in charge of my body and mind, not a victim of unhealthy desires and  emotional reactions.

Yoga has changed my life. 21 years clear of cancer, arthritis in my neck and hip rectified, chronic adrenal fatigue diminished.  I am now post menopausal and have more energy and am stronger in mind and body than ever.

I am now privileged to live in the heart of Worcestershire with my two daughters, three dogs and three horses on my mother's property in a place of outstanding natural beauty.  I have become very rooted to the landscape here to which I feel deeply bound, particularly since my father passed two years ago.

Having danced my way through school and later through the clubs of London and Ibiza, I find myself on the 5Rhythms teaching path.  This movement meditation merges happily with the  more intuitive yoga that I now teach.

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