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Riding horses, running, martial arts, shiatsu and dancing, all lead the way to yoga.


Riding at an early age gave me strength, fluidity and balance.  It also gave me early heart connection to horses which is with me still.


Martial arts taught me how to contain and build energy.  Like dancing, the katas I learnt training for shiatsu, were empowering. There is something very reassuring about taking the thoughts away from movements, and just following the body. On the dance floors of clubs in the 90s and with 5rhythms I found a freedom and power that I remembered from my youth.  I am now on the path to becoming a 5Rhythms teacher

I was diagnosed with stage three cancer in my left breast in 1997 and  as I went through all the horrors of cancer treatment I realised that this was a wake up call. Time to address my life ,which had become massively out of balance.  

I questioned everything in my life.  I was not ready to die and was willing to go anywhere to find healing.  I remember my introduction to yoga,  with strange sanskrit words, chanting and spirituality.  An Indian healer, who had also suffered cancer, took me on as "her daughter" and shared her knowledge and practice and turned my life around. No longer blaming the outside for all my woes but now taking responsibility for my health and life and seeing possibilities instead of obstacles.

I did the landmark forum later - the principals of the forum are to show the ego for what it is and how it manipulates our illusion of the world. This falls in line with Yoga philosophy and gave me more tools to step forward as a yoga teacher.

Yoga has changed my life. 21 years clear of cancer, arthritis in my neck and hip rectified, chronic adrenal fatigue diminished, and lately a torn meniscus in my left knee improving.  I am now post menopausal and have more energy and am stronger and more present in mind and body than ever.

I am now privileged to live in the heart of Worcestershire with my two daughters, three dogs and three horses on my mother's property in a place of outstanding natural beauty.  I have become very rooted to the landscape here to which I feel deeply bound, and a part of. I love to teach yoga outdoors in nature where we can all engage with the land around us rather than just walking through it. Connection to nature has kept me sane and I believe if we as humans can remember and re-connect to animals and plants we have a chance. 

I am passionate about the environment !

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